nothing to see here

still have the braids in but the bands keep snapping every so often and sometimes its hard to figure out which ones are loose
woke up this morning and went thorough them all and there was four that were missing the bands and there were five of them broken in my bed so i don’t know how that even begins to maths sense
(makes maths ha get it? I’m gonna just go…)
i don’t know when I’m going to take them out
also kinda want to go and see a movie but don’t want to ask anyone and don even know who i could ask anymore
been watching different things than usual
been watching avatar and I’m on like episode six or something like that
means I’m getting the french knitting going still and I’ve done all the pink finished that yesterday and i might finish all the red tonight we’ll see how that goes
it would go faster if i wasn’t doing this right now
its getting colder
and my knee is hurting
haven’t talked to jarrod since whenever i said i skipped him because i haven’t really been staying on facebook much once i go on it its just to check notifications but i don’t message anyone and he never messages me first so whatever
i don’t talk to anyone in the holidays anyway
still thinking about tai chi
i dunno its just something to consider
and now we roll the tapes


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