went to guitar lesson kinda early?
no new song but it was kinda good to play alongside someone again
the chiropractor appointment and nothing new really just the whole worth and value and expectations thing
mum told me i looked like a homeless druggie
to be fair i kinda agreed with her
she dropped me off at westfield and went on a mission
got a replacement circa bar for my lip so i could have the other balls but ended up just switching the balls onto my old bar because the new one has a different curve that isn’t as comfortable as the old one which i now have in
i really do like wearing the oamaru steampunk beanie over my braids… yeah i braided my hair yesterday which somehow added to the homeless look
got the foot remedy thing for mum from the body shop and was going to get makeup from there but it was too expensive and i got a brush darker foundation and an eyeshadow duo from kmart instead and didn’t end up going to look at mens shirts which was kinda annoying but by the time i remembered i was already in the queue
i knew about this before i left but i made myself wait to then watch it but
the youtube mastermind with Simon was out and there was the outtakes on sub2willne
so glad will decided to do that
anyway splashed out with full resolutions on the videos
haven’t gone through the screenshots though
thats basically it i guess
been watching lots of the gta sidemen playlist and having a brain fuck of a lifetime but what else are lonely people to do?
nothing else to say really just gonna go and spend a little more time of my life on things that have no practical use


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