i mean this is the chocolate season right?

so why is everything kinda shit?
my body isn’t working properly in more ways than usual
and i feel really pissed off about things that are pretty insignificant
but I’m supposedly happier than i was?
barely talking to jarrod at the moment
and not even talking to anyone else
went to cousins for 2pm
there were two dogs
nelson and archie the miniature schnauzer who was very shy around me and seemed kinda scared but couldn’t have been too much
because of him and eddie i think i don’t not like schnauzers as much as i used to
if that makes sense
gotta keep a streak up with loghann now
but the food wasn’t great as usual
and we played headbands which some of them were easy and others were pretty hard of you couldn’t think of the questions and i don’t like not knowing things and not knowing what to say and i don’t like having everyones attention on me when i don’t know what I’m doing which meant it was a pretty stressful game at times
but I’m a tool
well specifically a hammer but I’m a tool
then they kept trying to get me to play table tennis and i wouldnt play in singles and definitely wouldnt play doubles either because their rules didn’t make sense
i know i take everything too seriously but its the people I’m around that make everything shit
if I’m around people that make me feel better like at the moment loghann really and i don’t know who else I’ve been fucking around with because brodie wasn’t at school for ages and he just talks about drugs when we walk places and then when we sit down he’s just on his phone and doesn’t talk
but i can just do things i wouldnt usually do with her and i think she’s had the same kinda thing like with the trash flowers we never would’ve done that shit with other people or by ourselves and i wouldnt have even gone to new world by myself but yeah
but now I’m malfunctioning
and i don’t know what to do


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