i hate everything but Enid (not edna) and Lila 5ever

nothing is ok at the moment
im irritable and aching
kitty and i are basically synched
except for when i end up a week later every month because I’m broken
i don’t want to talk to becca
or jarrod who said he might be coming down later this year or the next
which he said a couple years ago too but whatever
ella tash and paige had the sweet valley high game and they were half way through a game at the start of lunch and we asked if they could bring it back after they’d finished it but did they? no they started another game with lilly which kinda pissed all of us of
we hid it under the couch after we got it back
art was kinda shit
so was english and bio
i pretty much expect most of my classes to be shit now
loghann had lots of purposeful looking scratched on her art today and i didn’t bring it up because i don’t know what to say but i want to say something about it
i need brodie to come back and give me a hug because he’s better at being a person than i am and i miss him
saw sarah on the bus which was pretty great and invited her and liv to the party funtimes thing thursday
i feel sick
like pretty bad


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