excuse me but why the fuck was noah at school today?
and also why did he have to tell me that i looked really goth
i haven’t changed what i wear much since last year dude get over it
we had a fire drill
i hated EFS as usual
and then did some like i dunno kinda Klimt and Schiele and skin walker stuff
also talked to richard about my level 2 writing folio that i had kinda submitted last year but didn’t really and its annoying because i might end up doing the level 3 visual text
theres not really much else to say except i told jack to go and talk to mike about the peer support thing
and when i told mike about jack he seemed really negative about it which i thought was shit like it seemed pretty sexist to me because a couple of times he mentioned that he’d gotten a group of girls together
like sure i know that girls tend to be more sensitive and wanting to help other people but i think jack would be a really good fit for what I’m wanting to do and also not everyone is gonna want to talk to a girl


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