better than expected

as in lunch with dad
i suggested denny’s
had nachos
actually had conversations that went back and forth instead of just little tangents or whatever
then got home played guitar and skyped jarrod
thats pretty much it
gonna watch youtube now so yeah……

wait last night brodie showed me his new tumblr and i found hers too and its really not something id follow if i didn’t know he was doing it so i didn’t actually follow it so I’m pretty happy with that logic and the whole just because its him doesn’t mean its important thing
also had a weird conversation with him about the fact that I’m basically a useless human being and should give up on trying to stick by my morals to meet people who don’t share my feelings on things
it wasn’t very productive
in the long run we would never have worked out anyway
jarrod and i wouldnt either but he doesn’t realise that


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