the world is falling apart but i have a trash rose

i should start from the beginning but things only really got interesting about lunch time
so nothing really in mentoring
then there was blue art where we talked about stuff and didn’t do work really
then loghann and i went to the supermarket
while walking past the dumpster we saw some flowers that had been put in that still looked pretty decent and i picked out a rose and then the whole bunch and loghann picked out a couple too and then a dude picking up trash much have put them back in cos by the time we got back there was only my single rose left lying on the ground
i stuck it behind my ear and left it there till i went home
then we played a game of sweet valley high which i basically won’t they wanted to end it so we could play cards
yellow block jess and i kinda tried to do stuff but then we just played cards
left and then oh holy miracle
dan let me on in front of him on the bus and i hadn’t even realised he was there
a watched pot never boils eh?
then he asked me something to do with brodie and school and essays and english class then i said something about brodie being a dick and then about poems then about ben and the buzzard
and he kept laughing and it was adorable and i now get why people are like oh my god people are so attractive when they’re talking about their passions
and then he told me about the comics
which are according to him shit but i think the do have some twisted kind of humour in them
so we messaged a couple of times on facebook and thats pretty much it
opened the door to some more on the bus conversations but yeah
had fish and chips and a Dr Pepper
told jess all about it
to the youtube
and i would skype jarrod but no he’s not online for once in his life


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