alice must really like me
why i don’t know
or maybe it was just a good photo
but she posted a photo of me on facebook and instagram from the rehearsal
why am i so special huh?
i don’t know how i feel about it anyway

school was fine i guess
played sweet valley high with loghann and alena and then my G Lila had to leave and kitty took her place and made the game kinda boring cos she didn’t get it cos Lila and i have so many things going on
pbl art was shit
not entirely but kinda
i want to start doing ceramics again i miss making gargoyles and i kinda know what i want to make again
like smaller versions of the green one (first complete but unofficial second one)
then there was bio where we did nothing because brent wasn’t there and i didn’t know what was going on and i don’t know if anyone really knew what was going on and i don’t think anyone knows whats going on in EFS either
then mum picked me up we killed some time went to faultline filming and it was ok
i did the don’t bother one
went ok i guess
want to do it again and better
then home
on code black tonight
Mario’s father died
and he called time of death himself
then there was the scene in the morgue with angus and i just started balling my eyes out so I’m glad mum didn’t stay up to watch that
and now he’s in my brain

even though it was pouring with rain and i felt kinda soggy and gross because long sleeves don’t go well with rain i think

Yashbir told me i looked good today
he though it came off as sarcastic and he sounded really surprised when he blurted it out but it was kinda sweet of him


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