ok but seriously what?

morning was ok
english and children books
orange bio but not and had pbl
did art
sat in the back room with cleo and louena(?) and caitlin
and Jack
and we all talked about people and had a great bitch session and was pretty productive too in a way
then class was over and Jack and i stayed and talked about life things and how in schools some things are taught badly and need to be done different and how kids don’t realise things and support people need and it was really great
its probably the easiest first conversation I’ve ever had with someone
and i told him about the mentor thing that Mike and i are going to do
he was pretty keen
his girlfriend just doesn’t talk
and then it was blue block and i did some art but since id already been doing art for ages as in three hours i crashed and lay on the floor for a bit then went home early
went to work and it had a better vibe today
i don’t know if it was the puppy or Josh (lets not ever go there ever) and his step father
or that phil isn’t there
or it was just me
don’t know how though but yeah
but then at home I’ve crashed and now I’m skyping jarrod and needing to talk to him about important shit but i can’t bring myself to


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