do i know anything? at all?

pretty much nothing happened in the morning
jess and i played mastermind in EFS
we went to dominos at lunch for pizza
came back gave a piece to brodie and jess had a piece too the rest was mine
went to see mike in pbl
started talking about a peer mentoring group
or training some peer mentors
should probably go through my kidsline stuff to see if theres anything useful in there
i don’t want to be bothered to though
have like four balls of wool backed up now which is a start
patted the puppy when i got to work
im not looking forward to going in to english tomorrow
haven’t talked to jarrod since yesterday evening
i went to school today
a day where it was cold and pouring with rain at most points
without a jacket
without a hoodie
in just a t-shirt and jeans
because i could
spent the whole day with wet pants hair and shirt
i will probably get sick
and die
and i don’t even know if it was worth it


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