the edge the month the meme

most of the time on faultline nights i forget that i had the day at school before them
so i think i was more social today than I’ve been in a while
i certainly felt more up with the kids in the social media department to be sure
so went to school later
got there just in time for class
had critique
thought it didn’t really have a point
went to the supermarket with loghann alena jess and mostly sophie
then came back and played sweet valley high
there is a rodent in my roof
i did not win but winston is my man now and always until he dies from falling off a balcony “…after a night of drunken debauchery,” so ill spend as much time with him as i can (whats this? another integrated quote? you see this richard? with an ellipsis too don’t think i haven’t learnt anything from your class)
and then yellow which was fine i guess
then i got home and worked on a poem
skyped jarrod and then picked up peaches skyped jarrod changed my pants got ready stopped skyping jarrod went to faultline
cameron was there which was actually really awkward but in the intermission he said it was better than he expected it would be and then left to meet a girl
sat with ben and his mate josh (don’t go there do not do not do not)(too late matt’s cats last name) and it was a barrel of laughs like actually really really great
many memes many laughs many relatable comments
i was third
josh was fourth
and ben was fifth
the rest is like whatever
need to remember that Rangi is the girl who did the really long journal entry thing at the end of i think two faultlines ago maybe last year though??
ben said we should make a podcast
and write a poem about when we were standing outside waiting for our mothers
so on the was home and at home i wrote it
and it sounds way more deep and meaningful than all the jokes we created in those 20 minutes and i love it and can’t wait to perform it next month
so the whole being weirdly active on all the social medias and getting hip with the kids was i followed ben on his new account on instagram and posted twice
and added him on twitter
and sent him the photo of the dark stairs dude with all the edge
he sent me his photos (which were the ones i posted)
sent sophie the photo of the rainbow paddle pop
found the dude on facebook (and twitter)
changed my profile picture
poster on tumbler
and now here we are
i want to write a poem about more dude but like theres too much


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