it feels like theres a lot to write but really there might not be
went ok i suppose
english wasn’t great though because i didn’t take any notes
but helped kitty come up with a synonym for determination to cheat richard’s rule of not using the same theme as someone else had
then she had to rewrite her quiz question because id already used it which was kinda funny
had a 1-1 and then tried to find mike
but couldn’t so did some art instead
started some hand stuff and then one of the dude the dude the too nice dude and then THEN the bestest dude in my entire world
had a little bit of a conversation about watercolours with lucy the strange vintage girl
then went to louise’s homebase and it was pretty cool they (jess teresa and loghann) were playing the sweet valley high board game which is the 80s is thing cos thats when the books were out and i joined in for the second game where i was Enid and i lost my boyfriend to teresa and then she put him in the literacy classroom like hell yes my mans a poet but shit i lost him
but then i got him back but teresa had basically won anyway by the time mentoring was over
but theres cards that say at the end “Enid can roll the die and play out of turn,” but loghann (FUCK YOU RICHARD I CAN INCORPORATE QUOTES PROPERLY GO SUCK ONE) missed parts out and ended up just saying ‘die’ which was hilarious at the time and then we got to bio and kyle the creepy reliever dude who always wears sunglasses in all weather was doing our roll for us and we were saying how we have never seen his eyes and i was going to say maybe he rolled them so much they died but i was laughing too hard i couldn’t get the words out so i ended up typing them out and just laughing about it for too long
and then

Lily was there
my wife who i love so dearly and haven’t seen since late last year after like four months i finally saw her again
fuck id missed her
we walked and talked for a while and i was kinda ditching class for it but she was worth it and yeah it was great
went back to class eventually and then told loghann about the xyzzy cards agains humanity site and went on it
spectated a game under the name ‘logibear’ and some chic called ella asked if we were someone she knew
(some of the conversation is missing but yeah)

token: logan?
logibear: sup
t: maddies bf?
t: wtf
l: yeah
l: lol
t: coinkadink

t: you? hows the hsc?
(we had no idea what she was on about so just winged it)
l: its going pretty well at the moment
Boo (no idea who this was): how old are you now?
(how the fuck were we supposed to answer that? in my head i just had a clip of josh from his video with tobi so i said that)
l: old enough….. to partaaaaayyyy
t: hes 26

so that was a wild ride we probably just really confused some people but it was great

then went home went to work came home watched shield have one episode and the bonus features to watch dyed mums hair
can’t put holds on the dvd series
need to clean my piercings
faultline tomorrow and i need to finish a poem


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