(i did not originally spell that wrong and typed dongs instead of dogs what are you on)

guitar was ok i guess got up at 11 instead of at 10 because i rolled over at 10 and it was suddenly 11 mum came to the lesson though
then nothing much just watched agents of shield for the rest of the time until we went to aunty joannes and uncle glens for his birthday
food wasn’t too bad for once
i didn’t really talk to people
had turkey for the first time
nelson was great and so was eddie lisa’s schnauzer
maybe I’m not so against schnauzers after all
won the game of list as many words beginning with g as you could but then again i wasn’t talking to people I’m almost 18 and the kids are eight ten ten and thirteen
i got 251 and they got 114 but they cheated and googled some
the strawberry and white chocolate stuff is really nice
didn’t talk to anyone outside of the family today either
going to finish the art thing tomorrow and need to talk to holly about what i should do with the whole I’m having a guitar lesson on friday morning instead of being at school at nine so what do i need to fill out
or will it just be in a 1-1 i dunno
watching the stream and he took a bathroom break which makes me feel very weird and i don’t know why


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