the day was weird

skyped jarrod for like an hour yesterday and it felt like it wasn’t happening then it just felt a little bit weird and then it was just whatever
got to school later than usual and was doing my art stuff
ended up doing it with sophie and jess but then we got an extension till monday or tuesday
but i managed to get all the artist model ones and then started the analysis things for my own ones and I’ve still got two of them to do one for the pair one and one for the final work
spent lunch playing billionaire again which was cool and spent too much money at nw
went to riccarton after school because why not and then i got my seconds pierced and yeah that was a fun time cos i was going to get a pair of fancy plugs but then i couldn’t because i didn’t have the money because i spent it on food
I’m really smart
so now i have four piercings that mum doesn’t know about
and not enough cleaning solution to clean them with because I’m a smart cookie
and a lame one too
skyping jarrod again
why is this boy always shirtless?


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