more like broke
but its a card game that i learnt today and its pretty cool
its georgias birthday today and i got tagged in her photos that alice put up
the funny thing is i took most of them
I’ve been working on the stuff for art
i didn’t go and see Mike because i was doing the art stuff and its not like i desperately need to talk to him but its kinda a balancing thing
might meditate later
do i even have time though
i need to do as much as i can with the analysis things before class tomorrow
which also means i need to do my own ones too without looking at them which is hard unless I’m going to be able to get them done before 10:45 tomorrow
I’ve got one of the Egon ones to finish and another whole one to do then i can staple them together
i might just do some chill art after that maybe a magpie thing cos i need to keep doing them
also need to get more wool
and practice guitar
i got a lot to do
and finish the english first response thing and figure out what I’m going to do for the second response and email richard about it
so bio was pretty good today cos we were doing microscope stuff and i knew how to do it already
it was really cool to do all the focusing things but then i couldn’t take a photo of it through the lens which was annoying but it was still one of my favorite of those classes
i don’t know whats gonna happen with jarrod tonight


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