today seemed to be the day for ripping out on the teachers
but ill get to that chronologically
talked to jarrod for quite a while last night i guess or at least more was said i think
i might rate the goodness level of a conversation based on how emotional it is
english was kinda ok as english classes go
still not really doing much though not taking notes or whatever
then community time which was ok we played duck duck goose and chinese whispers
jack is interesting
harry was nothing and neither was sam or jack or ollie but jesus the hay twins
HOLY ACTUAL FUCK (me)(um no tho)
i knew the kind of guys you would grow up to be and even five years since i last saw them and even since they’ve grown up i can still tell them apart
art was next and holly said my paintings are pretty good
finished one i think
which its weird that i finished that one because its the one I’ve spent less time on
need to do the artist pages and shit like i have them at home now but i dunno i might not even end up doing them
basically my life is just counting down to 7pm because thats when i said to jarrod id be able to skype him
then lunch and went to the cafe with brodie then went to the supermarket with brodie and when we were in his homebase everyone was talking about teachers and who they didn’t like and shit and it got to stuff like frances and beks being feminazis and there had been roomers that beks had been sleeping with students and then stuff about pete and yeah it was pretty weird and kinda anarchistic
then in red which i was supposed to be at at 1 not 1:30 today but we did stuff from a workbook and i talked to amy which was kinda cool and then that was it
its almost 7 and I’m scared


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