kinda maybe ya know made someone delete their facebook

brodie and i are terrible people and should not exist because fuck no
he messaged me like half nine saying he needed help and he was hallucinating and feeling suicidal and stuff so i was kinda worried so we went to the cafe but there were people there so we didn’t really get to talk about shit but talked to yashbir a bit which was cool
had class whatever felt really sick
lunch went to the cafe with becca then ended up in s5 with her and brodie and then changed her profile picture to something really weird and she got really pissed especially when he and i were commenting on it and then commenting that photo on her new dp
she then ended up making a new account
lily would be proud
then i had pbl and finished (i think) two or three of the watercolours and then left a bit early but then decided not to catch th first but cos i couldn’t be arsed walking quickly
the next bus was late
yashbir dan and brodie turned up
twas weird
the beanie is magical and i don’t understand my brain what the fuck
yashbir just had to bring up yolo camp swear he’s the only one who thinks about it he also mentioned that one day at the exchange in war 10(?) where we hugged for like 20 mins waiting for the bus
then he hugged brodie
they the two of them just talked about cars and dan said something along the lines of he had no idea what they were on about or asked if i knew
and they kinda just talked about cars the whole time until dan went into a laughing fit which was fucking adorable as heck and it turned out to be about ben love and the buzzard
and then he caught the orbiter to the orange line instead of the 100 and i was half an hour late to work
the end


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