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body mind spirit festival this morning
walked around the whole place and then got my aura photograph done
while i was waiting saw Alice which was pretty cool and she was with her man
i got a reading of the photograph afterwards and basically the lady said i was intuitive and a very caring and compassionate person i have a lot of energy to give but the people drawn to it tend to take a lot there is someone (a female spirit or angel) who walks just in front of me who is very determined and helps me make decisions
then to a man who did palmistry who was british (this is significant kinda) he told me about numerology and my lucky number is 8 and the colour is cold blue
this might be a lot to write and hard to remember
my wealth isn’t going to be much and I’m of anglo-saxon decent and i have a sun hand my thumb is also longer which indicates a higher IQ
along my life line something happened to me when i was 13-14 or maybe younger he said which fits i suppose
i also have a split around where i would be in my early 30s meaning there will be a big change or i need to make a huge decision about something i also have two back-up lifelines which he said means if i was in hospital and a doctor told him that i wasn’t going to make it he would tell them they were wrong because of those apparently rare lines also my life line is very long possibly into my nineties
i also have a cross below my love line showing an affinity for spiritualness and that stuff which was also indicated in the aura photograph
mum and i both had buddha’s eyes on our thumbs can’t exactly remember what that means
theres a line that indicates my creativity and I’m very artistic he says could go for anything in the arts and i would do well and also would be a good business woman
i have quite a few loyalty lines and also quite a few lines on the base of my thumb that would mean i have some ancestors and relatives waiting for me in the ‘new world’ as he called it (afterlife)
theres a line between my ring and middle finger that i don’t quite remember what it means and i also have three (3 distinct but a couple fainter ones) lines that show relationships and one has a perpendicular line which would mean having a son but he said (and I’m not quite sure if the son would be or the man with him) would be a good and lovely boy
he also said that they might not all be guys that i was with they could be ones that i wanted them to ask me out but didn’t
i got two bell anklets a gaia stone and then a fluorite(?) with ruby in it for mum for her birthday considered getting a deck of tarot cards but didn’t there wasn’t really a pack that felt right
the last thing was i got a tarot reading from Davina (who was also british.. how i managed to pick the two people who were british out of the whole place i don’t know) and i had the option of a general reading or about something specific and as i said to mum later that if it had been a couple years ago (maybe even a few months) i would have said for something specific like what the hell is with this boy but now i went for just a general reading
i chose the deck and shuffled it and she dealt ten cards
the first two were the ace and king of pentacles… someone in my life probably male but i think it might be mum cos she said it would be someone helping with money and becoming more independent and moving more into my own life (but then it might be Mike but not with money)
the third card was the magician (for something that i need to learn) which she said was for self-confidence and that i didn’t tend to blow my own horn much and i do have the skills to do what i want to or need to but not the confidence to so not to feel shy about saying what i have achieved
the fourth (area of life in need of attention) was the nine of swords which it the worrier card (not warrior) and that i may be losing sleep over things showing I’m a caring person but get caught up in things
fifth (hidden obstacles) was the six of cups which Davina said was a nostalgic card which might mean that even though there are no major things that could screw me up it might be that something from the part or a relationship or friendship messes with my shit like an opportunity that might come up that would mean needing to cut ties with or stress connections with people but i should take the opportunity anyway because its easier to keep in touch with people now
the first pair (notice this and that to do about it) was the justice card which means that even though she can’t tell me what or when it will be it will have something to do with a judgement call or a moral dilemma (i just accidentally spelt that right) and that its about right and wrong the second card was the eight of swords which is being caught up in something that wasn’t my doing and that i would have to “take a good hard look in the mirror” and deal with myself about how i ended up like that but it wouldnt be something i had gone into of my own volition more like being manipulated or coerced into it
the second pair was life changes what is coming and how to prepare for it the first card was the five of wands which is like me holding my own ground and standing up for myself the image was of two guys arm wrestling and that people may underestimate me
and the second of that pair and the final card was the world which is a end of a chapter card

after all that which was like three hours we went to the school gardens show which was ok i guess went to the library watched the winter soldier and thats pretty much it
brodie dyed his hair purple yesterday and meccas dying hers the same colour soon too and lily an i are pissed about it
and now I’m making lily a felted hatch keychain and listening to bagpipes
probably gonna go onto youtube
finally at 8pm


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