what am i?

starting to question what the extent of what if do to be in proximity to someone i find interesting
caught the bus from outside riccarton today where i used to walk with immy
the boy was falling asleep
did quite a bit of art today and i think they’re almost finished except for the eyes and hair
i started one on wet strength paper and it was weird seeing it on a white background rather than brown
jess was kinda being a bitch again today
handed in the basically nothing that I’ve done on the personal response but did actually manage to come up with one opinion or something i found interesting but not really how it related to the real world
i don’t really know what else went on
talked to steven a bit cos of kitty going and talking to him cos he was sitting alone and it was kinda weird because i have nervous jitters around adults and its worse with authority figures
but like nah ima watch youtube instead


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