for fucks sake

you don’t have to find the negatives in everything to do with maths becca you don’t have to find every obstacle when kirsty and i are both telling you how you can fix it
i need to do more art
i don’t want to
i need to find more artist models
i don’t want to maybe thinking about klimt though
i do like tracey emin for her ideas and such and her work but its not appropriate to transcript it or do works of similar content to the ones i like because blatantly naked people and sex scenes
brodie is kinda screwed
and I’m kinda screwed with english
i don’t have the critical thinking part of my brain working well enough to have an opinion on the story and elaborate on it
worried about him
not my place really but can’t help it
shower is fixed
i feel like shit
got the bio workbook
need to binge


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