eyyyy we a barefoot bastard

i went today barefoot again which was really stupid because we went to the river today in EFS
walking over roads and on the fucking tiny gravel of death and in a fucking mini forest at the edge of the river
its not too bad like it was bearable (is this a pun) but still it was dumb
hung out with brodie and as usual we only seem to talk while we’re walking places not when we’re sitting down somewhere
which is annoying
and then i didn’t do pbl and helped becca with her maths instead but yeah that didn’t go as well as id hoped because really she’s kinda hopeless with it like i asked so many times how you find 1% (after explaining to her how) and all she could say was you move the decimal point two spaces
not which way you move it not what it means with dividing by a hundred and like what the fuck man
she just didn’t get even the easy rules of the equations
and not even the steps in the rules either
going to try and help her in both mentoring slots tomorrow because she didn’t pick one so i told her we were gonna do both cos she misses the green class on thursday which is an hour and a half so really we should be doing three mentoring slots but I’m not going to push her that far cos i don’t know if i can cope with it either
she ran out crying and said she threw up twice and went to talk to mike and that wasted like 15 mins of the time
none of it sunk in i don’t think
i don’t know how well this is going to go


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