Are you wearing pants?

when i got to school like 15 mins before class started even though i took an earlier bus
fuck this stupid traffic
i went into richard’s homebase and diana was there with patrice and then in the corner talking to no one was dan who I’m pretty sure is oblivious to everything when he’s alone anyway
the first thing diana said to me was asking if i was even wearing pants to which i eloquently replied uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *point* bike shorts
im so good at this human interaction thing
and now I’m not writing this post properly because I’m posting random poem pieces on the other blog
i sent one of the things to cameron
art was meh but i did do a thing
i need to remember to go and talk to mike tomorrow
went to new world with becca because brodie wasn’t answering his messages but he then said that he went a bit after we did
made a donation to the dumbass by giving $2 to yashbir for no real reason
in ifs it wasn’t so bad not really sure whats going on now though
we made a google doc?
told brodie about grandma
i was ignoring him for a bit when he was trying to show me something about a photo and then slapped my leg
and i kept ignoring him so he slapped me i think twice more and it left a mark for a while its gone now though and then when i was about to go off to class i was like well i can feel one of my knees but not the other and its weird and he jokingly offered to slap the other one but i seriously said yes and he did
they didn’t get why i said yes i don’t really either
but theres no marks now
neither him nor becca will be there tomorrow
the greatest thing of the day was at work i wrote larry’s popcorn machine on my mop bucket and gnome-be-gone on the purple spray the wand of justice on the kitchen mop handle and kind arthur’s sword on the toilet mop
also ended up putting a sign saying this was to narnia on the pointless laundry bin and mum put a couple signs on some bins saying something about the magic wishing tree and down the rabbit hole
ha phil you can suck it you interfering little British gnome


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