old ladies

three of my great aunts were here
i have five i think
they’ve all come for grandma’s funeral tomorrow
went to grandma’s place to look at some stuff and it was weird being there
I’m going to be carrying out the coffin tomorrow with rebecca my two cousins my uncle and some guy i don’t really know
food is an issue again now
i talked to jarrod last night for a while but it was weird and he was flirting and said shit like he thought of me every day like what the fuck dude we hadn’t talked in ages
also talked to brodie but as usual he turned the conversation into something about drugs
half of why its upsetting when he does that isn’t just that i don’t like talking about drugs but he knows i don’t like it and yet he does it anyway its kinda disrespectful
he is however still the person i think i would end up crying in front of if i talked about grandma with him in person
still can’t remember the dudes name from friday think it might start with t but I’m not sure
jarrod was like talk to you tomorrow but its sunday so i knew we wouldnt cos he’s at church all day
I’m really not feeling anything about anything
i think its tea time but who even cares anymore
what the fuck am i on about
i might end up getting a green rug from grandmas house if i had my own place i would’ve liked to have her dressing table too but i don’t have anywhere for it in my room because then i wouldnt have any hanging space and i definitely need hanging space
i don’t know what else to say


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