The warehouse the warehouse

*where everyone gets clothes for a funeral*
because thats how the jingle goes isn’t it
went to lunch with dad and that kinda sucked we don’t talk to each other that well
then got home and went pretty much straight away to try and find a top for me for the funeral
thing is i usually get second hand or the warehouse or kmart which isn’t generally funeral level shit so we went to ezibuy the place for ladies in their 20s or 30s who are generally classy which my great aunt used to give us vouchers for and i thought there might be something there but nah there wasn’t
then to caroline eve a place for women in their 40s onward and as i thought i found nothing
and then to postie which is kinda the next step up from the warehouse as in it just clothes and makeup but still has clothes for the whole family and there was nothing there either
ended up going to barrington and went to pagani which was pretty useless and then we ended up at the warehouse i thought there was nothing there either but mum got me to try on a top just before we were going to leave just because why not and i did and it was fine and it worked and yeah whatever
but i feel shit
i don’t know why but like no
just nope to everything
dan and phil did a video of them playing golf with friends at least no one can accuse them of watching tutorials but they took half an hour ish to do the forest course where the sidemen can take so so much less the difference is fucking insane
still annoyed i can’t remember the dudes name from yesterday fuckkkk


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