barefoot ting

yeah so that was a kinda bad and dumb idea to go all day barefoot
but like it wasn’t terrible and I’m not permanently damaged just a bit sore
i thought brodie might be coming to faultline tonight because he asked me if it was on this morning but then he couldn’t because he was babysitting
it would’ve been really nice to see him and maybe i would’ve actually been able to cry then which i think might’ve helped me feel less shit about not feeling shit
eiko was there which was kinda a weird feeling knowing that someone I’m not friends with but i know of and see fairly often is gonna hear my poems
i sat with Troy the one the only the dude of all pretentious dudes and we had a pretty good chat about everything
when he read his poems he said the first one was for some girl and then that the second one was for hannah which freaked me out even though i knew it wasn’t for or about me considering we never fucked around on an office chair
i ended up reading first which was a fun time hahahah nope i thought i was going third but then no one must have chosen to go first or second so that was a great start to the evening
jasmine was there and she was with this dude whose name i can’t remember which is really going to bug me and he was pretty cool like he had a rats tail but not really like it was down to his waist and was kinda just a single dread and he looked kinda intimidating but had a really soft voice but he smokes so thats a bit of a shit point BUT I CANT REMEMBER HIS NAME AND ITS PISSING ME OFF (HIS NAME IS TAI and i saw him outside riccarton mall the other day)
we went outside
he had cool tattoos on his arm one of them was thoth egyptian god of knowledge and writing and i wonder if he noticed my necklaces cos i was wearing all three of my egyptian ones the eye of Horus the ankh and Anubis
so yeah when it was over we went outside and talked about stuff then jasmine left
when they first came in i wasn’t entirely sure if they’d come in together and i ran over to her and hugged her then she introduced him and he hugged me too which i was kinda weirded out by but i dunno now I’m not so weirded out by it
damn me and my wayward emotions
so she got picked up and he and i were just standing out there and id called out to her see you on tuesday because i won’t be there monday and then said because well dead people kinda quieter and she wouldnvtve heard it but he did so he asked if it was the funeral and i was like yeah he asked if i liked them or something like that which was kinda a weird question i guess but i said that id only been to one i remember and he said he preferred them to weddings i said i didn’t really agree with weddings in general because of the whole making it a legal thing but having a party about being together is fine he asked about
pause pause pause holy fucking shit this is amazing well not really but i was going through my suggested friends just now and calvin’s mum came up as one and her profile picture is of her kids when they were younger and calvin is so adorable like oh my and everyone elses gods and he looks like the dude from the bus sam the kirkwood kid but less tan
resume talking about the guy i barely know
he asked about the religious side of weddings and i was just like everyones entitled to their beliefs i don’t believe in anything specific but i believe theres something he said it was so agnostic this his mates came he introduced me to them but not them to me whatever they were meh and then mum came less than a minute after
twas pretty sweet
also in yellow today jess drew all over my arm and the flamingo is licking the rather large sperm which was going to be a rat until she decided it was funnier to leave it as it was without a face
going to lunch with dad tomorrow not sure how thats going to go
i kinda want to message jasmine and ask but then also not cos like its weird ill ask on tuesday
probably never going to see him again
saw olivia on the bus had a good chat
sarah messaged me it was weird


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