managing the workload

I’ve never really struggled with the amount of work I’ve gotten from school but then I’ve never really had more than one thing at a time
and i don’t have the time to manage everything properly
i was late to school today but like 10 minutes because the traffic is especially bad at the beginning of the year so i might have to catch an earlier bus in the morning because richard is pissed about people being late
brodie was half an hour late so I’m not the worst but at least half the class was late he said
i need to get the shawshank redemption as soon as possible I’ve put a hold on it tonight and i need to also start reading a book to write a response to by the end of next week i think
grandma probably won’t be alive by then they’re surprised that she lasted through last night and same for the night before that too
my first butterfly came out today
work is taking up too much time
i did basically nothing in yellow today like i tried to do a painting but it didn’t come out right and i hated it and I’m not really sure where I’m going with it anyway
trying to eat and write this at the same time
i need to do as much of my bio thing tonight as i can and I’m not really sure what else
i think a poem for faultline and write the interpretive dance one in the book of shame
there was a safe driving thing in school today called coach bash and it was pretty bullshit like what they said was good and whatever but it was the whole clap along cheer ask questions thing that we really suck at
that was the only time i saw dan today but whatever i caught the bus with dean again which is actually pretty cool
the last class of the day was EFS and we’re going to be starting a hydroponic system in class and i knew that tomatoes and potatoes were part of the nightshade family me and my random garden knowledge that to me doesn’t seem random because I’ve grown up with it but still
the kid from kirkwood that always seems to be on the bus is called sam
i found a thin piece of wire on the table in EFS and i kept it round my pinkie finger all class and was fiddling with it on the bus but it was really starting to hurt and i was probably going to get it stuck on my finger so i gave it to dean instead
i don’t think theres anything else to say except that i was kinda a bitch to brodie this afternoon he was leaving and i said yay and fuck off which i immediately felt really weird about not like bad about saying it but like why did i? so then i texted him and apologised and he said he was going to the doctor to see if he’d broken his tailbone


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