mum dropped me off this morning and then got mind-fucked in english talking about are we all just a simulation
then in mentoring i managed to finish my thing for bio but now I’ve got an essay thing to write about an endemic species of New Zealand thing which i don’t really have any idea what I’m doing and I’m doing mine about the lesser short-tailed bat which i don’t really know anything about
then went to new world with brodie but then we ended up going with dahli and josh and yashbir and…… Dan yeah so that was kinda weird and like i was wearing heels and i felt weird about that and then i was walking with them but not talking to them but then ended up staying just with brodie while walking through ended up giving the wedges i got to my child because i felt sick
then in afternoon mentoring i did a bit on my transcript and it was mostly done by class time we didn’t really do any work in class which is what i hate about it now how i need the class time because i can’t work on stuff at home
im not focusing in what I’m writing right now
got on the bus with dean but he talked to other people
brooke came up and talked to me for a bit
work was ok i guess
cooked tea but it was kinda shitty
everything is peeling pretty badly at the moment too like really bad cos my back and the bottom edge of the chest burn was bubbled cos sweat under the skin
trying to do the bat thing now and I’ve done like half of it or like something like that and its due on thursday
i also need to do some art tonight for yellow tomorrow
and i haven’t even looked at youtube yet what the fuck
another da without a main channel video which is kinda sad but he’s struggling for ideas so i get it
really not sure what I’m going to do for art stuff though


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