Gossip? and deep conversations

just ordered my watch later playlist to make me finish my bio work
I’ve got to do that tonight so then tomorrow in mentoring and shit i can finish my transcript
so the beginning of today was really shit i felt like i’d amputated part of my soul which was really shit i felt detached and it was horrible
i talked to brodie a little and when he went to the music room and i sat with him for a while he was nice about it and i guess thats kinda annoying that he wasn’t like that when we were having a thing he’s only really a good friend now that theres nothing else
went to homebase but there was really nothing going on and then ended up in richards old homebase which is supposedly ours now??
EFS was kinda shit and i don’t really get it and i don’t want to but i have to because theres no other class that i want to go into
then lunch i spent some time with kitty and then talked to Mike a little and decided i was going to see him in green cos I’ve got PBL
i went to NW with jess and FINALLY THERE WAS DR PEPPER
yeh so then i went to see Mike and we talked about self worth and being true to myself and about my art folio
I’m watching hoarders and its really sad because the dudes girlfriend died in the house and then linda looks like a fucking bulldog apparently her secret obsession has been discovered and she has a fuck load of pots and pans
you live with pots and pans of you live with people she chose her pots over her two sons thats messed up
i might be putting off doing bio but i did have some ideas about my folio while talking to Mike
stuff like its my better side or my worse side and the things that hold me back and make me me and something to do with my aura and then Aiden is everything good that comes from me
saw olivia on the bus and she actually sat next to me today and we had a really good talk about life and guys and i told her about dan and dean and she told me about jake and that we might try and meet up at one point
a rebel sport ad about sophie pascoe just made me cry
thats it and now i have to bio


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