today sucks all of the butts that have ever existed

im in so much pain
everything hurts
every time i shiver and get goosebumps it hurts like needles but i can’t put more clothes on to keep warm cos that hurts too
moving is the most irritating and painful thing i could ever do
lifting or stretching my arms beyond a small range of movement makes me feel like my skin is ripping apart
hannah the sunburnt fucktard didn’t put on sunscreen and when she got home it was all she could do not to scream
I’m literally rudolf
for some reason that i don’t think is sun burn the skin on my right ear is peeling… might have something to do with the skin stretching when with swelling from my cartilage piercing i dunno
my feet hurt they and my back are probably the worst parts
i think i slept on my right side last night so maybe my ear is healing i think it was three weeks since yesterday
the thing is i probably still won’t wear sunscreen next time i go out and do something in the sun
had art pretty much all day and managed to mostly finish my transcript except for the hair which i need to do darker tomorrow
i need mum to come home because she’s got my watercolour paper in the car
the fires a doing a lot better because it rained last night and its been raining on and off today
i wore the camo top and the 23 hoodie today with my boots and felt slightly like a halloween sexy army personnel reject
i had another song parodied for sunburn but i forgot it something to do with there was no sunscreen that could save their skin or something like that i don’t remember what song it was to either
dan was on my bus but dean wasn’t and conor was too surprisingly
found out that the reason sarah hasn’t been on the bus was she drives now
olivia was on too but she was stuck standing at the front and counldt get up to sit with me
had a 1-1 with holly and changed into her yellow class so all friday is pretty much art for me and jess
grandma might only have a few days left
i got to work half an hour late which sucked
I’m going to try do some watercolour stuff at home now but I’m not sure really how its going to go
i should probably eat first
i think i had so many feeling that were just attached to brodie and now they’re not his and they don’t know where to go so they’re just grabbing people left right and centre
more like just left and right but still


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