put fire on the ice cream

an ice cream truck cam by last night and i went out to mum and said put fire on the ice cream instead of put ice cream on the fire
it was really funny at the time
but now I’ve got a headache
probably because i forgot my water bottle today and was dying
english was pretty average and i was getting distracted by the kids spinning plates and using diablo and devil sticks out the window
wore a skirt and the weird top and felt strange all day
social studies was kinda bad and i think I’m going to change to do the art class with holly was going to see Mike in mentoring after lunch but cos i went to nw with brodie i ended up standing with him by the quad with tayla and rueben which was kinda shit really
saw dan at nw too and the sequel to the bunch of celery is bananas
and now brodie knows about the feels because i don’t know i talk too much when i feel weird and stuff just gets said and then on the way back like pretty much at school we were walking close behind them and brodie was a dick miming sexual shit behind dan
when i went into homebase in mentoring Cleo came out of the back room and said she hadn’t heard all our conversation but she heard us yelling and wanted to make sure that i was ok and thats probably the most concerned about me someone has been that i can remember
its sports day tomorrow and sams birthday he’s going to be thirteen
EFS was bad i don’t have anything else to change to though
and brent talked/we watched a video a bit past three and i ended up missing the normal bus because of there being so any cars i couldn’t cross the road
ended up waiting like 20 minutes or something for the next one
dan had missed the bus too which was a weird coincidence
yeh.. so thats a thing
talked to dean on the bus about the fire and classes and religion and grandparents dying
billy was at the other end of the back seat my normal seat so i sat over the other side
went to see Amber after doing a bit of work just mopping the floor really and she said she’d treated me for emotional falling apart and grief with brodie and grandma
she didn’t mention my hair at all
the fire got worse today
we might have to evacuate if it gets even worse they’re already getting the people from kennedy’s bush hill out and putting a block on the road for residents only
can see some of the smoke out my window
can constantly hear the helicopters


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