fire fire yeh we about to set this place on fire

song references bro
the dude is still dead
my card got declined
last night was one hell of a shit show
bio is going to be hard to do cos we supposed to make a key for classifying some animals
i don’t know what I’m doing
finally after years of never knowing how i used one of the art room computers and printed an A3 of egon schiele’s self portrait with hands on chest and then traced it and stuff
was watching some things with tracey emin in them too
fires are spreading but are apparently contained and a helicopter pilot died
i talked to jarrod today
i think this is the two year anniversary of when we got together?? or maybe that was yesterday
talked to brodie while i was in art and also in bio before that which was kinda cool but weird and yeh… mentioned the fact that both my artist models do self portraits and nudes…. it would have been a vey different conversation we would have had if this were a few months ago
it was still kinda weird
and i wrote more random stuff on my phone at work and on the bus so here have at it…..

The dude on the bus that might be cute I’m not quite sure though
I think he smells like Brodie but then I haven’t been around him in a while so maybe not
Like probably not because what it does remind me of is the gluesticks that I used to take bits of and run it between my fingers for fucking ages a d then it would be like a silver pearl squishy ball that’s kinda what the glue smelled like
I wonder if they still make it
My hair smells like smoke
Aymen’s hair is actually fabulous and he has definitely improved since I can first remember him
Dean may also be slightly better
Getting too attached to people I have no chance with like the loser I am
He’s actually really adorable though
The thought of him not being on the bus now is just really sad and that in itself is sad
Yoooooo he so cute
Actually talked to yashbir for the first time in a long time and he was with them accidentally ignored yashbir the first time he called out to my but I had headphones in
You know you’re crushing too hard when even the back of their head is cute
You’re sitting too far away buddy can you not like it’s Valentine’s day I’m expecting a marriage proposal or something please
Stupid fucking villa cunts blocking my view
Please please please can one of my people get on at riccarton
No one did
Sam got on though and I went and sat behind him which was also one diagonally behind Dan talked about school and stuff and it was probably the most I’d talked to him and the most me I’d been around the other family than I’ve been in a very very long time
Mike gave me a poem today he’d sent me it before but I didn’t get it not sure why but yeah and I love it like it’s great and everything I mean yeah its weird that my counsellor gave me a poem but whatever nothing is normal here


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