self-portraits and nudes

cos thats what my two artist models tend to have
fun times
finally changed my profile pic on facebook so it a dr pepper hair one and i achieved my year 8 goal of calvin liking it
people commented makes me feel weird
talked to becca about social studies stuff and general shit at school
had EFS and dan wasn’t on the roll
although just had a thought that if her was marked absent already his name would have the pre marked thing and brent wouldnt have read it out
neither of the dudes were at school today *cry*
i want to leave that class but now I’m part of a group project so i don’t feel like i can
we kinda excluded jasmine in the class
another two energy drinks today its terrible AND THEY STILL DONT HAVE DR PEPPER
no one fucking does
so my artist models that holly told me about/suggested are Egon Schiele and Tracey Emin
he does lots of self portraits that are nudes and sexualised images and she draws ladies lying around having a grand old time
i do like both their styles though but not sure how to incorporate the animals like i want to
did a bit of a sketch and attempted watercolour just before and it turned out ok i guess but when i tired something more of her style it didn’t really go as well so i think I’m going to use one of Schiele’s paintings for my transcript
there have been loads of fire engines going past and now apparently theres a huge scrub fire thats faffing about near us like very near us and theres police cordons and shit on old tai tapu road so yeah pretty close
mums worrying and that starting to get evacuation stuff ready i hope she’s overreacting but I’m not sure
I’m going to keep checking the stuff article just to make sure


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