they grow up so fast

my favorite caterpillar started hanging today
its kinda sad to think that its going to fly away as a butterfly eventually but that is what happens with anything really it goes eventually
I’ve been thinking too much about a specific person and its a bad idea because nothing will come of it
theres going to be some weird conversations if broke and i ever end up talking properly
that makes it sound like I’m thinking about him I’m really not
i had some incence going earlier today it was the one from the happy medium and then i set one of the cones going later on before i went to guitar
the cone was the one that id gotten with olivia kinley at the mind body spirit festival years ago and I’ve only now properly used it
the cone had better smoke than the stick i dunno if that was just the lighting though
guitar was good i got a new song by lady gaga and i kinda know it but its going to be a weird one to practice its one of her relatively new ones from her starting to be a little bit normal
i put the tinted conditioner through my hair while i was making lunch i was only gonna leave it in for half an hour like it says on the bottle but um it ended up being more like a whole hour…
haven’t really talked to anyone
so i made tea properly yesterday and i made lunch properly today
all this is because of Dan and his stupid celery


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