i don’t even want to write about today

today did not exactly start well
my first class that I’m going to have three mornings a week is with brodie and I’m scared
i do have dean kitty and olivia in that class though to keep me sane
or as sane as it is possible for me to be when i know he’s around because for some reason it just short circuits my brain and i just start bullshitting more that i had probably already been
went to the cafe with jess in first mentoring and got a red bull because they didn’t have lift there
also got my new Kamar photo taken by jacinta this morning
it was pretty much just a class of sitting there and listening as was art but whatever ill get to that
Bio was weird partly because Olivia broke the tape measure by pulling it out too far like past the big red arrow on it that said ‘stop unless changing the blade’ so i then rolled the whole 8m of it up outside of the casing and we really badly taped it together
did some data collecting and kinda learned how to do samples and shit like to count things for finding patterns… i don’t know what I’m on about here leave me be
then there was lunch which i went to the supermarket with becca and got a mother like why did i have two energy drinks in one day thats never happened before not like that and it was i guess more than a litre because the red bull cans are bigger and then wedges and reeces peanut butter cups
i hate goodreads already
ended up outside the cafe for a while
the whole fucking day i was just talking so fucking much i hated it
in art we introduced ourselves and then did a quick observational drawing of something and i don’t know how i felt about mine
there was an awkward incident with beccas friend i said something about people must be assuming I’m psychotic and she asked why i said something along the lines of i have problems with a specific person and when she asked i said brodie thinking she wouldnt know him but she did and then emily called him over to clear something up about some girl in dunedin and a snickers bar and i had no idea what was going on and i said that to him and then someone asked how many girlfriends he’d had in the wow it seems like you’ve been with a lot of girls kind of way and i was like twelve or something and he said more like 16 which confused me cos i was seventh and amelia was 11th and we were having things all the rest of the time till he got with bree who id then guess was the 12th so that really doesn’t make sense to me
not my story to read or tell for that matter
its just awkward because we’ve walked past each other quite a few times and just pretended the other doesn’t exist
olivia was on my bus home and so was sam and also flax/dan who is actually kinda cute now like when did that happen? anyway i don’t think sam saw me and olivia came up the back when the seats were free from horrible villa peoples
she’s got a new boyfriend who is really nice to her and also works at bunnings
was like 10 mins late to work but thats actually the soonest i can get there now that we finish at three
was talking to jarrod for a bit today because it’s our 2 year friend anniversary on facebook today and it was actually kinda nice to talk to him again
now to die on youtube for the rest of the night and hopefully not stay up till 2 in the morning like i did last night
I’m actually pretty tired
got my other two classes tomorrow to find out if he’s in any of those
but I’m not sure who else is in them i know jess is with me for red and blue olivia is in orange and purple and kitty is in purple too don’t know about yellow or the rest of red yet but ill know this time tomorrow if I’m going to have any other potentially problematic classes

I JUST HAVE TO ADD I WAS USING SOME QUALITY WORDS TODAY i said things like inferring in an actual sentence can’t remember what the other words i used were but i said some legitimately official english full on level two/three words in normal conversation today
or i guess as close to normal conversation as i can get considering a fluent torrent of bullshit just streams from absolutely nowhere without me even thinking about what I’m saying


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