wifi is baaaaaack

it was only like three days
watched all the new youtube
and now I’ve started watching dr strange
i want food that I’m not going to hate eating
school is back tomorrow and i need to wash my hair and french braid it without mum or rebecca seeing my ear so thats going to be fun
most of the babies are hanging now and theres a really really dumb one thats right next to the screen door like almost in the hinge
I’m worried about it but its a chrysalis now so theres not much i can do about it being there
the drunk fifa video is actually killing me like watching it in more than 144p is just going to lead to my death honestly it was bad enough when everything was a blur and now its in the compilation channels too I’m dying
no one would understand
i have the first class with brent tomorrow and then pbl in green after lunch
i don’t know how its going to work for me to be able to leave at three and when I’m going to get to work but i hope i don’t need to change my times for cleaning
it also kinda helps that guitar is in the weekend now
but it still means i can’t start back at circus
i have two classes with jess one being in red i don’t know how thats going to go because i don’t actually know what brent is like and also he’s going to see me in a class with someone i know and when I’m alone and its going to be two very different things
the rest of my classes I’m not sure who I’m going to be with but i doubt its going to be anyone I’m particularly close with because its only jess left really cos becca won’t be in my classes at all
just starting to think about alena and sophie and kitty probably the only other people i could tag along with and scared about what would happen if i ended up in a class with brodie
one of my biggest anxieties about going back this year is what its going to be like with him if we’re even going to talk at all
when things do get bad for me i feel like he’s one of the only even the only person i could talk to but i still don’t want to somehow feel dependant on him still
i miss him though
which sucks because theres probably nothing i can do about that
anyway i have no idea what he would think about all this but its doubtful he would think of it at all
and so the beginning or the terribly unhealthy energy drink a day commences tomorrow
im so fucked


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