being drunk must be contagious

its actually not but a certain persons drunk fifa video ended up with me acting like an idiot for like an hour afterwards
snap chatted lia today cos it was her birthday the kid’s finally turned 16 and she sent back saying she’d watched merlin the other week and thought of me… she sent first with the canvas i made her last year and i replied with bradley james saying happy birthday i was gonna say id been watching teen titans last night but i felt too awkward she’d given that to me for my 16th two years ago
the caterpillars have eaten the majority of the swan plants that we bought yesterday and mum said she might get more tomorrow theres four or five that are starting to hang tonight one of them made its way up the window like the first one and the others are in the yams
my special one is on a plant of its own but theres not much left on it so it’ll need to be moved soon
went to do the cleaning that i missed on friday and then drove for a quarter hour afterwards wasn’t that great
felt shit at work
at home i wrote a letter to mum about work and that it sucks and the about tattoos which she had said i wasn’t going to get any but when I’m old enough she can’t stop me and its not an age thing i feel to be able to decide what you want on your body forever i think its a maturity thing
i also tried to draw some whales and it didn’t go so well
I’m going to go out and check on the kiddos once I’ve done with this they’re all going wandering lately
I’m only going to give mum the letter when I’m feeling better and when i think she’s in a good enough mood to read it and i don’t know when that will be
i don’t know if ill be able to stay up tonight to when the wifi comes back because I’m not entirely sure if it comes back at midnight or not so just gonna wait and see if i can
had guitar which was great talked quite a bit about school and gymnastics and a little bit about grandma and played my favorite songs its good to be going back
i was feeling the need to talk to brodie when i was at work like it was that bad but after driving and getting home i don’t feel like i need to all i need is wifi to watch the lots of videos that are waiting on my watch later playlist


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