its so much fun waking up at two in the morning because you’re bodies like hey you’re going to start bleeding soon how about being really tired too
and then waking up at seven and then waking up at nine
and then everyone questions why you’re awake so early and you can’t say its because you didn’t stay up till four in the morning watching youtube because the wifi is gone so you only stayed up till midnight
its kind of annoying having to sleep on a different side than usual like yeah i sleep on my stomach but my face has to be to the side so i can actually breathe
so instead of being on the right side of my bed being the side next to my bedside table and the whole rest of my room i have to sleep on the left against the wall and window and with jimmy bear’s feet in my face
the upside of it though is that I’m not hurting the fuck out of my ear and also that i can pull the corner of my curtain out and look out my window it also means it lets some cool air out from the window too
but anyway the rest of today was pretty terrible i was going to go out with mum to buy watercolours but i felt too shit to even move i had the two wheat bears and antiflamme which is kinda weird to have hot things and cooling cream but its pretty much the only things that help because the neurofen wasn’t doing anything but then i was too hot and it sucked and then it was just everything hurting and i couldn’t get comfortable lying down so i walked around my room and that didn’t help
its ok now but yeah the first day is generally the worst
and with some stupidly long cycles whats up with that by the way being almost a week longer than average like sure it means it comes less often but still it sucks to not be certain and to worry that theres actually something wrong
my face is all peeling now from the sunburn so i guess its good that its now rather than when I’m at school
ate the reeces bar that i got the other day it wasn’t as good as id hoped
when Simon once in a while does a snapchat story its just great he was a dick to the red onion though
poor onion didn’t deserve to get thrown on the floor
i want a person to live with that i actually like and a house that i feel in control of
neither of these things can happen
going on an apartment rampage
i need to stop using rampage as a word to describe when i go and look into something that I’ve become interested in
it seems all too violent
the thing is it won’t load anything because the wifi is an ass
i forgot about the whole pets thing too…
apartments apartments apartments
this is not a good thing to start looking at
but maybe it is
i don’t have the money for this shit
was watching teen titans before
mum ended up buying my watercolours for me which was nice turns out they’re the same ones i borrowed from school last year and also pearlescent ones and a pad of actual watercolour paper
so distracted by property right now
i need a better job


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