Hanging with my babies

no school and no work either today and the beginning of the long weekend
i think it was an Aiden….
ok so is it going to be aidan or aiden? like the dude from poldark is aidan but like i dunno
it started as aidan so maybe it should continue but then again aiden is “the name of the celtic sun god meaning fiery” so i dunno i guess its just going to depend on how i write it at the time
so making the keyring creature for holly but i started a new one cos the blue one eyes went shit but i think it was because it was too soft to begin with
rebecca just got home
mum took me out to oderings to get more swan plants because theres thirty is caterpillars and they wouldnt all be able to survive on what was left on the plants before they started hanging
one hung yesterday and then two more have started hanging today
my favorite one my lil baby shed its skin today i thought that its face was looking a bit weird cos it didn’t have the black lines like the others did but they’ve come now that its skin has shed also might have been the same reason why it had trouble sticking to the plants
the one thing that is different about that one from all the other ones is that as well as being the only one of its size and that it survived almost drowning twice and dropping into the watering can is that on the antenna that was bent down and stuck to its body with the water its now got an orange ice band where it was bent like its missing the pigment there or something
i was moving the plants that had no leaves left on them before i was about to go inside and then i found one of the larger ones in the water at the bottom and i thought it was already dead but i tried to dry it out a bit and rubbed its back and turns out it wasn’t dead after all
got it dry and moving around but i think it has brain damage or something because it can’t walk properly like its forgotten how to use its legs and foot pads and its head is still covered in its own green liquid stuff so i don’t know what thats about
I’ve moved almost all of them over to the new plants except the brain damaged one my baby and a couple really tiny ones
going to go check on them once I’ve done this
haven’t actually watched youtube yet today trying to wait but rebeccas home so it’ll probably be gone in five minutes


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