not really a proper day considering it was only the community meetings and homebase stuff and food but the house was cool
i like the mirrors
people saw my hair
people liked my hair
im sunburnt
brodie actually turned up
we didn’t acknowledge each other
not that we really had a chance to seeing as we were kept in our communities rather than being in our whole big group
jess the weird dude asked if i smoked or used to smoke or if i did drugs because i had that look
seriously what is it with people thinking I’m scary and a druggie
i couldn’t stop talking i was just spouting bullshit the whole day
i told becca about what happened with grandma
immy is in brodie’s homebase
the art room has better floors now
i have a 1-1 tomorrow
my alarm this morning scared the hell out of me and may have actually taken a month off my life with how much it startled me
work sucks
i need to figure out how to talk to mum about tattoos


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