Went back to work today and that sucked
Pretty much nothing else
I need to get a different job
And to pass level two this year for the potential puppy
Can’t wait to fail

*later at almost eleven at night after using the email function to do the first part*

so i redownloaded the student app
and i went through all my credits from the last four years and realised i have actually in an actual legitimate confirmed official way that I’ve passed level one
it hasn’t sunk in
i also sorted my subjects for this year
i just realised that i chose richards english class in purple which is the first class three days a week
I’m going to kill myself
i don’t know it might not be so bad
he’s going to try and get me to do an external probably and i think the first term is about an external visual texts and one other assessment it might be the level two texts for pleasure but i don’t know yet
anyway as far as i can tell because i already have 42 out of 80 credits and the assessments that it says on the descriptors for what I’m doing it adds to 40 i can pass with the first term normal classes and all year art with two credits grace
which is a bit lame considering that any of the assessments I’ve got are 4 credits each
but like I’ve got all that with just term one classes
just 1.1 classes at that
and without green block
how mad is that
this really isn’t sinking in
like holy shit i can actually pass and not have to do externals
i knew that was what i was going to try and do but i wasn’t entirely sure
but having said that i don’t want to think that its going to be easy
its really not because this will probably be the hardest year that I’ve had at school
i also found out a really interesting thing… that theres a possibility that i can get credits for sign language
if i could manage that like maybe go to a class when normal school has green block that would be fucking sick like if it worked
i do like sign language
not that i need to learn it and yeah its something that rebecca has already done but still i had a wee bit if a try at remembering as much as i could a couple weeks ago but it wasn’t much
and i guess its something to look into seeing as there isn’t much else that i can think of doing
i don’t really want to talk to mum about it but still its something for me to think about
its the day after tomorrow!!!
when school goes back
when i see whats left of my people
we’ve lost so many
gabe noah yashbir lia brodie too i guess and most saddening of all Lily
my wife is gone and I’m hardly ever going to see her
its gonna suck the others aren’t going to be as up for walking around like we did especially not jess although becca is kinda ok with it but it won’t be the same if its not with Lily
i don’t think i miss her yet nor the others but i know i will or at least i can anticipate how much ill dislike the change thats going on it won’t be fun for that i can already see
such a relief to know whats happening on wednesday like huge calmingness
yeah so
i also want to see if i can do a creative writing thing for level two although I’m pretty sure i did that last year? need to ask richard about that
i think it was because i didn’t finish the statement of intent on the penguins thing
i can pass this year I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT
I’m still not properly sure like it hasn’t sunk in yet i don’t know when it will but I’ve done all the organising that i can do while still being at home
its only like one more day until people
i have no idea whats going to happen but this bin chicken will be returning to whatever flock it has left


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