up at one which is the latest its been in a while
mum came home a bit after that
saw the first full video of Simon with red hair and it was fucking fabulous
I’m reading again
because i have apparently only two days of wifi but it doesn’t come back for like a week so…
yeah thats a good time
going back to school in a few days
matt also messaged me but really i don’t know what to say because its a poem and i don’t want to read it because i don’t know how to reply and i don’t want to have a conversation and I’m scared
i probably should before its too awkward but like still i don’t know how to interact with people
my hand writing is terrible
so whales
ok thawed dream i had a week ago or something that ended up with the lily thing the horrible life altering lily thing yeah the first part was about whales i made an origami whale the other day too and then in the book I’m reading the ship kings series they’re sailing with whales at the moment and i want to go see whales
i guess its like i want to pat a cow and hug a sheep and ride a camel


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