Faultline’s First Birthday

i did end up going
so most of my day became preparations for that like what am i going to wear what am i going to read am i going to need to write something new for tonight i don’t like any of my poems how am i going to hide my belly butting piercing from mum when I’m not wearing a top that covers it
so i didn’t end up watching much youtube for once and now at half ten i still have an almost complete watch later playlist to get though tonight
this is great
IT WAS JAKE’S LAST NIGHT (the rat poem dude with dark ramen hair)
he’s going to university in Auckland to become a doctor
Troy has a beard and moustache that i highly disapprove of but props to him for having a furry face rodent
met some people who’s names i don’t remember and Ben was there haven’t seen him in a while and he read a poem about social media and it was relatable which i said to him and then realised how funny that was because of the way he wrote his thing
i was in the first half as usual and it kinda sucked honestly i didn’t like what i was reading even though a couple of people did tell me that i was great so thanks to them but i didn’t feel like i deserved it
i actually talked to people which was really weird and made jokes that made me sound like i was really depressed but hey that just how i communicate
thats it really nothing else is going on except going to lunch with dad tomorrow and rebecca is meeting us there


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