An actual outing

i haven’t been on my laptop all day like this is the first time today and its almost six
mostly because i got up at way too early like nine ish to go to ashburton
went and got food at ashfords and then two rings at the happy medium
then to a craft shop then to the salmon world but nothing there
then went back out to the warehouse and got two shirts there then the library where i got more books than i was expecting but still its like all of the ones i wanted
so gonna maybe leave youtube til later or maybe watch just one video and then read til i go to bed and watch youtube then
might work but also might not
also maybe gonna see jess on friday and she maybe is gonna come over and bus to faultline with me but not 100% sure yet
the nachos at the ashfords cafe were good but there were loads
new piercing is playing up a bit today
i dropped my laptop on my toe yesterday and it really really hurt like the most pain I’ve been in in a while
also watched braveheart and almost cried a couple times
(this was when i wasn’t saying what my new piercing was in case brodie looked here to find it which he did and got annoyed because it wasn’t here)


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