Its just not meant to be

like sarah and i just aren’t supposed to hang out
i messaged her today about wednesday but she’s on camp
its just not meant to happen
my arm is really itchy
i washed my hair in the sink this morning
it really wasn’t the morning though was it
it was like one in the afternoon
seriously this is the almost crying with the amount of emotion change that fucking BRAVEHEART IS ON TONIGHT
its by far one of my favorite movies and ahhh i just love it
i keep having really weird dreams
there was something to do with Simon walking into room 18 and i had a spaz to the friend i was sitting next to and then he sat opposite me and then also something to do with boats which i think was like the ship kings book I’ve been reading
also on the note of Simon he put up a po box video today and i felt physically sick while watching it with the anticipation of maybe something
but there wasn’t and I’m not sure if i was relieved about it or not
i ate too much
well not often i can say that is it but instead of putting half the packet pasta in the fridge like i usually would’ve i just put it all in one bowl and was like oh yeah il just eat what i want of it and then put the rest in the fridge to save dishes…
yeah nah that didn’t happen i got to a point where the bowl was too big for what was left in it so the i kinda just ate all of it
and now i have like the equivalent of pre-period cramps and it sucks cos it comes with the whole I’m not interested in anything attitude and I’m dying
and i know its not the real thing because its too early but guess what ITS GONNA BE THE SAME DAYS THAT SCHOOL STARTS BACK ON
or it will if i don’t kill myself first


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