i left the house…..
and yesterday night was talking to jess and lily for quite a while
i need to cook tea for myself tonight and I’m really not looking forward to it
i can’t be bothered
my elbow is still being a dick with the cat aids
so anyway left the house
went to riccarton mall with mum and went to kmart and i ended up getting a bag which was one of the things that id been kinda aiming for
its decent i guess
watched all the youtube and now reading but its the last book I’ve got left
i can’t be bothered requesting the two books I’ve got written on my whiteboard though because then ill have to go and pick them up eventually
fuck it I’m doing it now
i think i put holds on like 7 books
whooooooo free reading
i think i should write down a list of the things that i kinda feel like i will need eventually
but like i dunno
where an i even going to write it?
where will it matter
will it ever matter


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