not actually but for the second time in only a couple of weeks I’ve actually choked on liquid and i really could not breathe at all and i felt like i was going to die like genuinely
and both times i was talking to rebecca… coincidence?
anyway i didn’t want to get it on my laptop
and i couldn’t spit it back into the bottle so i kinda just malfunctioned onto my bed and floor
it was not fun i feel shit still and it sucks
i have kinda been feeling sick all day
mum called zak’s and I’ve got a consultation at 10:30 tomorrow morning
so i might end up going to anthony wilding with her which also means ill have to go to see grandma because mum will make me take photos on my phone of things but i mean seriously just figure out how to get on the website
my thoughts aren’t really in a good place at the moment
i don’t feel that great right now
I’ve kinda lost all the things i managed to get together in australia i think
not going well


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