so it might actually happen
i talked to mum about it today and showed her the colour i wanted
i should probably have a photo of it on my phone
but yeah wedges day we’re probably going to zak’s to talk to them about the thing happening
also possibly going to the mall tomorrow by myself because I’m a total loser and have no one to go with and getting tunnels instead of staying with the tapers which are starting to actually bug the shit out of me now
I’m remembering my dreams again now and I’ve had some pretty weird ones lately there is a specific one that i will definitely not mention because of who it involves and what happens ill just say it would 100% not happen in real life but its making me question things
i don’t really believe anything is real so how do i have things left to question?
anyway there was a dude who i think was blamed for killing the popular girl and there was a hotel place we were staying in with a fake garden in the middle and i was staying in the shitty room and i was trying to find out about the girl and then i was a large black woman and at some point i was me again but running around in the dark with the dude trying to hide from things on the night the girl was killed but it happened twice and then we were trying to find her diary in the very top room in the red and yellow house hotel place with the fake garden but we couldn’t get into her room because the lady that owned the house wouldnt let us i looked out a window and was going to go up the fire escape to get into the top room that way but maybe i died or maybe i was seeing things from the perspective of the guy but i think it would’ve made a good movie if id remembered all of it or could’ve recorded it somehow SOME ONE NEEDS TO DO THAT figure out a way to tape dreams while someones having them to watch back later
i watched stardust tonight it was a good movie and i remember the first time i saw it was when rebecca and mum were out or maybe just mum and yeah i wasn’t supposed to be awake when they got home so i didn’t see the end of the movie but i watched online later maybe a year or two ago and i really think its cool it reminds me of the secret of moonacre but i feel like i need to say moonacre was better.. i have watched it more than 20 times so….
labyrinth and finding memo are the only other ones that come that close to the same number and maybe eragon too…
haven’t talked to anyone today and i don’t think I’m going to and i didn’t talk to jarrod yesterday because he was at church all day
good for him though having something to believe in and people to be around i wish i had something like that i really do
not with him though


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