i actually don’t know what you think you’re doing

i mean like last night you were all like yeah talk tomorrow right? goodnight beautiful x sweet dreams x… and like we haven’t talked at all today like dude what the fuck i would’ve possible skyped you today you missed out
minot gonna message you first you want to talk to me you start it I’m not bothered either way.. thats a lie I’m obviously bothered but thats cos you’re being weird
talked to becca and it was weird
i don’t like it
i talked to her last night when i was talking to Jarrod cos i was in a weird mood and bored but now she’s trying to talk to me all the time like no don’t do that
seriously theres nothing else to say because what the fuck am i even doing
mr whippy came to the street again and mum and i went out
twas pretty cool got a chocolate dipped flake WAYYYYYY BETTER than the one from mcdonalds
and now i want a cheese burger
what am i even going to eat
one of the chickens is dying faster than before
rebecca saw the hedgehog too
theres no videos left to watch today and its sad i just ended up watching old ones id already seen again its so FUCKING LAME
i need food
this is a problem


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