kinda did the thing i wanted to do??

i mean i went to hettie’s and found one of the things i was looking for and i guess i kinda found the other thing as well but it wasn’t blue so i got a green one instead
i ended up putting everything from in the box onto the top of my drawers instead of having it in the box thing that I’ve had them in for the last three or four years and i dunno i think its cool to be able to have them al sitting together
i went through my makeup drawer with mum kinda and then went through the big horrible drawer that I’ve been avoiding for a ling time
went to the library and then to the wool shop afterwards so now i have the beginnings of a wool drawer like mother like daughter i suppose
not really its really fucking weird that i have that starting
mum noticed that id sized up i think she only noticed in the car though today and they do look better today than they did the other day but they look swollen just because of how heavy the tapers are but i don’t trust my left ear enough yet to be able to swap to plugs or tunnels yet so I’m not going to go out and buy them
sarah is back from wherever she went on monday so hopefully we’ll be able to sort something after she’s back and i might go then
its also possible that the weight isn’t helping the healing but yeah it is what it is
i think I’m starting to say that too much
i talked a little bit to brodie yesterday i don’t know if i mentioned that
and to lily
i have three books to read and I’m kinda getting into the post malone album but i dunno its different than usual but still kinda similar
i think putting my phone on my windowsill helps as a speaker which is kinda weird but meh
haven’t talked to Jarrod again but i wasn’t really expecting to
i feel bad about it but then i also can’t because of actually trying to do the right thing
what kinda red am i gonna dye my hair though


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