Erry Ting Is Changing

well not everything but a lot of things
and also it seems that every time i go to the mall i seem to change al or the majority of my jewellery
like i got a new ring today thats a ring finger one which matches grand-dad’s bracelet and fake ear cuffs to help decide if I’m getting real ones but i might just leave the fake ones on for a while to see how it goes
also toe rings
i used to wear one which i think i still have somewhere if i haven’t unmade it for some reason but it was a pack of four that kinda ended up being a dollar each and sure ill probably only ever wear one of them but $4 for one is still pretty decent
also cramps from drinking too much and tea tree stuff to clean the barbell and the 10mm tapers which i have thinking about being 9s at the moment
i ended up getting the
ended up getting the bleach for mum which to begin with i wasn’t going to but meh whatever
she gave me $10 for it but it was 11 and i went to a card only machine and i didn’t have any coins anyway
went to paknsave and got a lift first energy drink of the year and in a couple months anyway and also I’m just trash
went to clothes places and jewellery places and kmart and typo and mcdonalds and yeah walked around lots
thought about seeing a movie but didn’t end up doing it
lily and i had a bit of a chat about brodie and i don’t think she gets why i still don’t hate him even though i did tell him to fuck off but whatever it is how it is
before i left to go there i started watching the yoga challenge video with Cal but it got to the point where they changed and i was like nah fuck this i was laughing so much i cried and fell off my bed so it was just nope gonna watch it when i get home and don’t have to worry about messing up my eyeliner

funeral home

almost finished with all of the new videos of today so yeah……
this is all


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